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Biodegradable Knit and Sponge Seating

Posted on: Monday, July 23, 2007

While recently perusing the website of one of my favorite home design stores, Branch, I was reminded once again of the innovative work of Emiliano Godoy, an industrial designer, architect, and sustainable product visionary from Mexico. ( I was, of course, supposed to looking for essential items for our twins' future nursery, but given that I have this vision of all of the pieces of our expanded life miraculously still dovetailing both practically and aesthetically, post-delivery, this seemed to be a rather worthy diversion).

The 'Knit Chair' (2004) consists simply of wood panels and cotton rope (which holds everything together) and is manufactured by Pirwi in Mexico. The wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and comes in either beech or white oak.

Branch also offers Godoy's 'Z Bench' (2005) made from (FSC-certified) beech, pine, or maple with a seat of zacate (natural loofah sponge).

Not essential items for a nursery perhaps, but comforting nonetheless as the future platform for seating is rewoven with fibers and techniques that set the standard for a new sort of domestic order.

Peter Coffin's Horti-Couture

Posted on: Monday, July 16, 2007

Peter Coffin's current solo exhibit, 'Tree Pants', now on view at The New York Horticultural Society, provides a tongue-in-cheek peek at the frequency with which we 'anthropomorphize' natural forms or unsuspecting species. Jodie Vicenta Jacobsen, the exhibit's curator, has done an exquisite job of transplanting the gorgeous photographic images of Coffin's site-specific 'Tree Pants' series previously created during a range of seasons at Wanas Sculpture Park in Malmo, Sweden.

The custom pants or jeans were produced by the artist in conjunction with Levi Strauss & Co. and play on the notion that our everyday perspective and relationship to nature is often ridiculously anthropomorphic, illogical, and down-right stupid as well.

Accompanying the installation of photographic images is a naked dried sunflower sculpture wearing miniature pants, too humorous and quirky for words. The gallery also has two glass cases on display featuring ideas and studies for Coffin's forthcoming (spring 2008) 'Untitled Plant Book' to be produced in conjunction with The New York Horticultural Society (NYHS), The Precipice Alliance, 2x4 design studio, and his summer 2008 shows at Andrew Kreps Gallery and again at NYHS. The proposed book images are artfully laid out and arranged like psychedelic leaves on a forgotten forest floor.

The above images were taken by Abigail Doan at NYHS in July, 2007.

The depiction of the materials for the forthcoming,'Untitled Plant Book' are photographs taken of one of the display cases on view.

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